sunday, november 9, 2014

Hello kids!

     Still doing a limited amount of gigs for the next few months!  

     Tuesday:                   The Colony CC              5:30-8:00

     Thursday:                  Pelican Marsh                5:00-7:00

     Friday:                       The Bay Club                 7:00-10:00

I want to thank everyone for the all the kind words of encouragement and prayers!  I've got a long way to go but 
everything is working out fine!  I'm feeling stronger everyday!  Hope to see you all soon!

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2014.11.01 | 2008.03.01

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     Delighting patrons from New England to New Orleans, entertainer Bill Jollie has been dazzling audiences with his charming wit and exceptional musical talent for over 35 years.

     A native son of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Bill is entering his eleventh season in beautiful Naples, FL, busier than ever before and with an even larger entertainment catalog.

     A modern-day jack-of-all-trades, Bill has been known to entertain in every manner possible, whether it be a spot-on-impression of Joe Cocker, or a melodically entrancing blend of piano and guitar.

     His resume is long and quite impressive, including such honors as performing at the First Family's Christmas party for George and Barbara Bush.  Opening for pop-sensations The Monkees and Herman’s Hermit’s and having his very own song "I'll Be Your Champion" played to a nationwide audience on the USA network.

     In an entertainment climate where well-rounded, talented performers are certainly the exception and not the rule, Bill Jollie not only exceeds the limits of common solo acts, he undeniably raises the bar for others to aspire to.

     Locally, Bill Jollie can be seen in a variety of places, The Wine Loft in Mercato to Noodles Italian Restaurant.
In addition to the public performances showcased throughout the region, Bill is also available for private functions. 
Performing at the informal cocktail party to the utmost traditional wedding. 
He has also lent his talent to local charities: Toys for Tots and Kiwanis Club to benefit their charitable causes. 

     From beginning to end, Bill Jollie has not only mastered his craft of entertaining and performing, he has raised it to a defining art form and has certainly brought happiness and wonderful memories to all that have had the pleasure to enjoy one of his performances.




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